Assisting Catholic Families

We assist Catholic families in the formation of their children into mature adults with a love and knowledge of the Catholic faith. Xavier High School is founded on a fundamental belief in Catholic Education as a way to come to know Christ Jesus.

Xavier is a Diocesan school administered by the Principal under the auspices of the Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga. The Administration is responsible to the Bishop of Wagga Wagga through its Advisory Council.

Central in the school’s ethos are the words of Christ:“The Truth Will Set You Free.”


Striving for Excellence

The school offers opportunities, which encourage each student to strive for excellence and attain his or her full potential spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally. It works to ensure equal educational opportunity by providing the widest practicable range of subjects to both boys and girls and has developed a varied curriculum to meet a full range of students’ abilities and interests, providing a blend of traditional and innovative programs.

As the philosophy of Xavier is based on growth in spirituality, Religious Education is a compulsory study, as is a positive and active participation in retreats, religious ceremonies, worship and community service that are part of the everyday life of the school.

Partners in Catholic Education


As partners in Catholic education, we commit ourselves to developing authentic Catholic schools which

  • are founded on the person of Jesus Christ and enlivened by Gospel values
  • highlight the relevance of our faith to life and contemporary culture
  • are embedded within the community of believers, and share in the evangelising mission of the Church
  • are committed to the development of the whole person


As partners in Catholic education, we commit ourselves to providing quality education for our students by developing goals and strategies which

  • promote our Catholic identity
  • enhance the quality of religious education
  • provide high quality teaching and learning programmes
  • address the diverse needs of students
  • enhance the professional, technical and spiritual development of staff
  • strengthen the partnership between staff, parents, clergy and the wider community
  • utilise new technologies to expand learning opportunities
  • ensure the efficient and equitable distribution of available resources
  • implement a long-term plan for the future provision of places in Catholic schools


As partners in Catholic education, we commit ourselves to our students by

Celebrating being Catholic in Australia
  • recognising that Jesus Christ is central to our lives
  • imparting Catholic beliefs, values, practices and traditions within a faith-filled community
  • working with those who experience disadvantages
  • rejoicing in our cultural diversity
  • enhance the professional, technical and spiritual
Ensuring Quality Teaching and Learning
  • providing a stimulating and challenging curriculum which links learning, faith and culture
  • promoting our schools as places of learning and excellence
  • embracing the privilege and the challenge of teaching in catholic schools
  • promoting an active partnership between home, parish, school and community
  • making creative use of available resources
Making a Difference in Our World
  • fostering the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of each person
  • collaborating with others for the good of all
  • inspiring hope and a positive vision for the future
  • continuing the rich tradition of Catholic education