Course Selection Process

At Xavier High School we are committed to providing an enriching experience for every student in our care. The quest for quality education motivates everything that our staff and students strive to achieve.

A curriculum designed for you​

Every effort is made to assist students to reach their full potential. We offer a broad curriculum designed to cater for the interests and needs of all students.

This website is designed to assist families through the course selection process. Families will be able to:

  • access specific information about the courses we offer
  • access the timeline for the course selection process
  • make use of the course selection planning tools
  • submit course preferences electronically

In navigating the educational journey, it is imperative for students and parents alike to meticulously review all available materials. By dedicating time to thoroughly examine each piece of information, they ensure that decisions made regarding their education are well-informed and aligned with their aspirations. This process entails delving into course outlines, program descriptions, and any supplementary resources provided by the educational institution.

Our Curriculum team

Cynthia Hansford

Administration Curriculum

Terri-Anne Scott

Transition & Pathways Specialist

Michaela Williams

Curriculum Coordinator

Shane Piper

Leader of Learning & Teaching

Furthermore, it is highly advisable for students and parents to actively seek guidance from knowledgeable sources within the academic community. Consulting with Learning Mentors, Homeroom Teachers, classroom instructors, or Key Learning Area (KLA) Leaders can offer invaluable insights and assistance. These educators possess a wealth of experience and understanding about the educational landscape, and their input can greatly aid in clarifying doubts, addressing concerns, and charting the most suitable educational path forward.

By embracing this collaborative approach and tapping into the expertise of educators, students and parents can foster a supportive environment conducive to academic success. Through informed decision-making and ongoing dialogue with educational mentors, they empower themselves to navigate the educational journey with confidence and clarity.