Investing for the future

School fees have increased this year to reflect the school’s exposure to increased operating costs. The fee level is always assessed with the impact on our school community in mind, and to ensure we provide our students with the appropriate facilities for a quality education. 

The tuition fee covers the provision of a student device (including the cost of operating system/IT support & case), technology, textbooks, photocopying, subject fees and some local excursions, local sport and accident insurance. Overnight accommodation/meals involved with representative sporting events and excursions outside the local area are not covered by the tuition fee.

Fees are due and payable in full by the last week of Term 4 each year. Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, monthly or term. We request that you nominate a repayment arrangement. Suggested payment schedules as follows;

A discount applies for the second child at the school. Any further children at the school are subject to a fee of $1,040. The tuition fee will be charged on a yearly basis (refer to the table below).

No. of Children1 Child2 Children3 Children4 Children5 Children
Per Annum Fees$3,990$7,580$8,620$9,660$10,700


Payment Methods

Payment of school fees can be made by one of the following methods:

  • Automatic direct debit instigated by the school
  • Automatic credit card payments
  • Over the counter CASH and EFTPOS
  • Over the phone VISA / MASTERCARD
  • Cheques over the counter and by mail

Fees must be cleared by December 4.

All excursions and sundry charges will continue to be processed through the Compass app or by phoning the office to make a Credit Card Payment.

If you need to apply for fee assistance due to genuine financial hardship, you are encouraged to contact the Business Manager, Ms Carol Glumac  (02) 60406388.


Enrolment/Device Fee

On acceptance of a place at Xavier High School, parents will be asked to pay $250 for their daughter/son. Families who accept a position, but do not take up their place will forfeit this fee. Upon confirmation of your child’s placement, this fee will contribute to the partial cost of a computer device for your son/daughter to use in the classroom. The remainder of the cost of the device is met by the school.