Learning Success

We unequivocally believe that all students are able to find success. For each student this success looks a little different as we acknowledge that every individual in our school community is unique. At Xavier we believe each student is responsible for their own learning success.

“Learning at Xavier is not passive or achieved through osmosis. Learning at Xavier is active and transformational.”


Life Long Learning

We hold high expectations of our students to be committed to their learning goals and to be active in their pursuit of achievement. Xavier High School engages in evidence based pedagogical strategies that are known to make a difference in the learning capacity of students — such as explicit instructional teaching, learning targets and success critiera, using feedback that is timely and purposeful, and knowing our students. Learning at Xavier takes our students beyond the Curriculum set by our Education stakeholders. Learning at Xavier challenges our students to be passionate advocates of their own learning through the myriad of opportunities to enhance, support and engage in dynamic and contemporary environments, immersed in authentic and meaningful activites — inside the classroom and beyond.

“Staff at Xavier model a belief in life long learning and engage in relevant and meaningful professional development opportunities to ensure that our classes have passionate instructional leaders present to facilitate meaningful and authentic learning opportunities for our students.”


Connecting Academic and Wellbeing

We recognise and affirm the inextricable connection between academic achievement and student well being and as a school community we promote the importance of knowing and understanding the students in our care to ensure that we are able to support, facilitate and guide their learning through all the stages of the Curriculum. Inherent to the success of our students is the strong relationship between parents and school that ensures we are all working towards the success of each student. Open communication, support of school policies, engagement in opportunities to promote learning across the Curriculum are all key elements of a strong and productive parent school relationship.

“...the strong relationship between parents and school that ensures we are all working towards the success of each student”


Technology Enhanced Learning

Technology supports and enhances learning opportunities at Xavier High School with the use of our Learning Management System, Schoology, which promotes student feedback, outlines progress and provides up to date timely information in regards to learning growth for each subject. Students have unlimited access to their learning resources and unlimited opportunities to seek feedback and advice from staff to assist in their growth through this Learning Management System. Parents have unlimited access to real live time reporting to check on the progress of their students and to be able to access assessment, learning activities and resources for each class their child is enrolled. Xavier prides itself on the strong and inherent role technology plays in supporting student learning — from the chromebooks provided to every student, the use of Google Suite products, our LMS, and software programs designed to diagnose and tailor learning to students to support individualised learning programs such as Maths Online, Literacy Planet, Word Flyers, ACER e-write, ATOMI HSC Hub, EDROLO and Maths Pathways. Our students are exposed to the latest software designed to support learners in all key learning areas.

…’feedback is the most powerful influence on student achievement’

Educational leaders Helen Timperley and John Hattie (2013)


Informed and prepared for a world beyond

Our purpose here at Xavier High School is to ensure that our students have the opportunity to develop their skills and inherent talents in their areas of passion so that they are informed and prepared for a world beyond high school. We aim to have all of our students leave Xavier High school equipped with the knowledge and understanding to be active citizens in a global world who seek justice for self and others, to be willing and courageous to undertake new challenges and opportunities determined to find success, to understand the benefits of solving problems collaboratively and to be compassionate citizens determined to make a difference in the world. We aspire to have students who are the best versions of themselves, proud of who they are, richer for the experiences they have had during their time at Xavier and excited about the opportunities they face, confident and ready to take the first step into employment or further study.

“We aspire to have students who are the best versions of themselves...”