Tuition Fees

At Xavier, our fees are all inclusive*. Your tuition fee includes the following:

  • Provision of a student Chromebook
  • Subject fees
  • Technology
  • Excursions*
  • Textbooks
  • Sport*
  • Photocopying
  • Accident insurance

*Additional costs to the tuition fees may apply if your student participates in some representative sport, overnight excursions and some elective subjects.

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At Xavier High School, our uniform reflects our identity and our strong Catholic traditions, founded in the spirit of the Mercy Sisters and the Christian Brothers. Reflecting the colours and symbols that connect us to our environment and our faith heritage, our uniform is to be worn by all students and is to be maintained in good condition at all times.

Optional Items


Navy Jacket & Track Pants

XHS Scarf

Navy Soft Shell Jacket

Navy Pullover Jumper


Lockers & School Supplies

All students have their own locker in which they keep their bag, books and other belongings. A lock will need to be purchased by you to keep the locker secure. Students are expected to keep their locker neat and tidy. The locker areas are equipped with closed circuit video surveillance.

Chromebook Devices are provided to all students at Xavier High School. Text books are included in the cost of the tuition fees and are provided by the school.

Items listed are required by a number of subject areas, with many of them already available in your homes.

  • 1 x Pencil Case
  • 1 x Calculator ($35 from the school office)
  • 1 x Lock
  • 5 x 128 page A4 Binder Book
  • 3 x 96 page exercise books
  • 10 x Plastic A4 sheet protectors
  • 1 x Plastic Display Folder
  • 1 x 30cm wooden ruler
  • 1 x Protractor (geometry)
  • 1 x Compass (geometry)
  • 1 x Glue stick
  • 1 x Black pen
  • 1 x Red pen
  • 1 x Blue pen
  • 1 x HB Pencil
  • 1 x 2B Pencil
  • 1 x Eraser
  • 1 x Coloured pencils
  • 1 x Coloured markers/highlighters
  • 1 x Scissors
  • 1 x USB stick (optional)
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Mobile Phones

At Xavier we believe in providing students with opportunities to learn how to balance mobile phone usage appropriately to prepare them for life beyond school.

Mobile phones may be used at recess and lunch times and in the classroom at the direction of the teacher. They should be turned off at all other times (this includes during study lessons). Inappropriate use of a mobile phone will result in its confiscation.

Our Mobile Phone policy can be viewed in the link below.

XHS Mobile Phone & Electronic Device Policy
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Modes of Transport

Bikes - Bike racks are provided near the Fallon St Gate. Bikes & helmets should be locked for the duration of the school day.

Buses - Please go to the NSW Department of Transport to apply for a bus pass for your child. Bus passes are handed out in homeroom once received from the bus company. Further information regarding travel to school by bus can be found by following this link School students and opal flyer

The pick-up and drop-off of students is recommended on Fallon Street (paying attention to the parking signs as parking authorities conduct random checks from time to time). It is not recommended to use Currawong Street or Curlew Crescent. Buses currently use these two streets and as such the congestion in the streets has the potential to cause a significant accident along with restricting access for residents to their own properties.

Please ensure you do not park over any of the car park driveways as this blocks staff & visitors to the school from coming or going.

Please do not double park as this poses a safety risk.

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Parent Groups

At Xavier we have the following Parent Groups:

  • School Council - The School Council advises and supports the Principal in the Christian formation and education of students, as well as overall management and forward planning issues for the school.
  • Parents@Xavier (PAX) - The Parents@Xavier Association organises activities for parents and fundraising activities for the school. P@X meetings provide a forum for discussion and support among parents. Funds raised provide students with extra facilities and equipment.

We encourage you to become involved in any or all of our parent groups.

Follow the link below to read more about our Parent Groups:

Parent Groups at Xavier

Click the link below to register your interest in joining the PAX

Join our P@X Committee

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Resource Centre

Our Library Resource Centre is open from 8:00am - 4:00pm daily and students are welcome to use this space before school, during recess & lunch and after school.

Services available include:

  • Borrowing of fiction and non-fiction books
  • Borrowing of textbooks and class texts (these are included in the school fees)
  • Access to digital subscriptions and resources
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying
  • Laminating, guillotine and stapling
  • eSports and robotics

IT Support is also located in this space should students require assistance.

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Xavier High School has undergone considerable development since its establishment, resulting in a host of educational facilities available for students. Facilities include;

  • Brand new St. Francis Xavier Centre multi-purpose complex that converts from a sports stadium to 1,000 seat auditorium with stage, lighting and sound.
  • Creative & Performing Arts Centre, complete with an elevated stage, stage lighting and audio-booth
  • 3 Visual Arts rooms
  • 3 soundproof music/tuition rooms assisting in private study, with recording equipment
  • Fully surfaced indoor stadium, catering for a range of indoor sports including basketball and indoor soccer as well as PDHPE practical classes
  • Re-surfaced outdoor soccer/basketball court and access to 3 large sporting ovals.
  • 4 fully equipped science laboratories and laboratory preparation room
  • Computer rooms, offering internet access and a range of software programs
  • Modern Industrial Technology workshop, catering for a range of Industrial and VET-based subjects
  • Textiles Room
  • Refurbished/ re-landscaped quadrangles
  • Access to a developing wetland and rainwater recycling facility
  • 4 student locker bays and toilet facilities
  • Food technology and hospitality facilities to include a full commercial kitchen
  • Covered outdoor learning areas and walkways.

How to order lunch on Qkr

It's easy to place lunch orders using the Qkr app.

Here’s a quick guide on how to easily start a new lunch order.

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School Canteen

All students at Xavier High School have access to the School Canteen, which is open Monday to Friday and provides a range of snacks and lunch foods (both hot and cold). These vary between the summer and winter seasons to offer appropriate options to students.

Students have the opportunity to purchase a range of foods at recess and at lunchtime. Lunch items may be pre-ordered in person by submitting a written request on a lunch bag via the drop box in the canteen. These orders must be submitted prior to 11am each day.

The canteen accepts cash, eftpos or via the Qkr App.

The Qkr App allows users to order and pay for lunch online. App users can top up their accounts to allow cashless purchases at the canteen.

To view our menu follow this link

Xavier Canteen Menu

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Student Technology

At Xavier, each student is issued their own device, a Chromebook, to assist with their Learning. The cost of the device is included in the school fees and is updated every two years, ensuring we keep the latest technology in the hands of our students.

Students are supplied with a device, carry case and a charging cord.

It is imperative that students use their Chromebooks in an acceptable and ethical manner and as a learning tool. Programs that allow students to access the internet, online chat and email, should be used in a responsible manner. Breaches of the user agreement will result in disciplinary measures.

For further information on our Pedagogy and Chromebook Policy click the links below

21st Century Pedagogy
Chromebook Policy
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Compass is our student information system where excursion notes, attendance notes and other student information can be lodged. Compass is also our parent communication system. Important alerts and information, our Newsletter & other general information will appear on your smartphone in real time. Compass is also used as the booking system for our Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences.

For further information on our student information system follow this link


For information on our social media platforms

Xavier Social Media Platforms

For further information on our newsletters follow this link


Follow this link to access the school calendar


Contacting the office

Office hours are 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday


Phone: 02 60406388

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