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At Xavier High School, our uniform reflects our identity and our strong Catholic traditions, founded in the spirit of the Mercy Sisters and the Christian Brothers. Reflecting the colours and symbols that connect us to our environment and our faith heritage, our uniform is to be worn by all students and is to be maintained in good condition at all times.

View the Uniform Handbook below.


Student Responsibilities

All students at Xavier High School share in the responsibility to maintain the school’s reputation by their wearing of correct uniform.

If a student has a legitimate reason for not being able to wear any item of uniform, a note is required from a parent or guardian.  The note is given to the House Coordinator and a formal exemption is given for the time needed to meet the uniform requirements.  Students who do not produce a note are in breach of school policy and must accept the consequences of their actions.

Students must take the responsibility to get the uniform pass from the office before homeroom. Any student who presents to the office after homeroom will be issued a detention in line with the Xavier Uniform Policy.

Uniform Suppliers

Xavier High School Uniforms are available for purchase at the following locations:

Lowes, Albury
514 Olive Street, Albury.
Phone: (02) 6021 0793

Albury Uniforms and School Wear
1104 Mate Street, North Albury.
Phone: (02) 6040 9381

The Athlete's Foot
City Walk Arcade 4, 519-525 Dean St, Albury.
Phone: (02) 6041 1311