These schools operate with the financial assistance of the Commonwealth and New South Wales State Governments and with the considerable input of their broader school communities whose continuing support assists our schools to thrive.

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wagga Wagga are located within the Riverina and South Western districts of New South Wales. Our small rural Diocese was established in 1917 and is administered through 31 parishes.


Bishop Hanna’s Mandate

The Catholic education system operates under the direction of Bishop Gerard Hanna, DD. Within the 31 parishes, there are 26 primary schools and 5 secondary schools that educate in excess of 8,500 students through the dedication and work of approximately 1700 staff.

The Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga (CEDWW) is accountable to the Bishop and is led by the Interim Director of Schools, Mrs Liz O'Carrigan, who is supported by 9 Services Leaders and a total staff of 54 people. Service Leaders occupy the following roles: three Service Leaders (two for primary and one for secondary schools) who support principals and school staff; Teaching and Learning, Faith and Care, School and System Improvement, Finance and Resources, Information and Communication Technologies and Human Services.

For more information view Continuing The Adventure: Bishop Hanna’s Mandate to all involved in Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Wagga Wagga.


CEDWW Strategic Improvement Plan

This Strategic Improvement Plan for Catholic Schools’ sets out strategic improvement priorities for the Catholic Education Diocese of Wagga Wagga system of Catholic schools for the period 2018 to 2020. The plan is underpinned by the Vision and Mission statements and the Bishop’s Mandate released by Bishop Gerard Hanna in 2011.

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