As a part of our school-wide Pastoral program, students are provided with opportunities at times in various formats to undergo personal development, social education and relationship formation experiences. These include, but are not limited to, retreat and camp opportunities and spirituality incursions and excursions. These opportunities may be offered to either whole or partial groups of students depending on Year level, gender or specific need at different times, and may occur in one day, across numerous days, or for small periods of times across a number of weeks. These are an important part of your child’s growth and education during their secondary school years, and are intended to complement the conversations and experiences occurring within their families.

Throughout Terms 2 - 4 2018, all female students in Year 8 will participate in the Shining Sisterhood Circles Program, facilitated by certified Youth Mentor Angela Lindegreen of the local Permission to Blossom organisation. This program explores topics including self-love, personal empowerment, friendships & frenemies, body image, stress/anxiety, social media, mindfulness, growth mindset vs fixed mindset and goal setting. Participation will be in a small-group format, and the program will occur for one hour each Tuesday for five weeks during House Pastoral time at Xavier High School. Involvement in this program will be strongly supported by other Pastoral initiatives throughout the year.