Loreto was one of the House names used at St Joseph’s Ladies’ College. Loreto is the village in Italy where Mary the Mother of Jesus’ house is now situated.

Mary was a loving mother and a good friend. She is honoured for her integrity, faith and trust in God. Mary is a significant role model to people who value inner strength, duty, justice and a willingness to face adversity in a dignified and thoughtful manner.

Rogers, Michael.jpg

House Coordinator - Micheal Rogers

House Captains: Xavier Brigden, Zoe Prentice

Stage 6: Eliza Hart, Georgia Heriot

Stage 5: Chloe Neilsen, Macey Yeo

Stage 4: Laurece Schneider, Lara Meagher

Loreto House Sports Crest


Loreto House Charity



The Carevan Foundation helps to feed the homeless and disadvantaged of rural Australia. The founder of Carevan, Dr. John Brabant has worked as in orthodontist in rural Australia for almost 30 years. After reading an article in the Border Mail entitled "It's easier to turn away than to care" about the homeless and the disadvantaged people in Albury Wodonga and Northern Victoria, he decided to take action. The Carevan Foundation aims to create a sense of identity, a sense of belonging and a sense of achievement in those less advantaged in our society. The Foundation is focused on changing "us" and "them" to become "we". Carevan in Albury Wodonga has become an icon, a symbol that this community cares, and that a community through a strong volunteer network can fight hunger and poverty. "Sometimes a feeling from the heart becomes a jigsaw puzzle that is meant to be put together". Carevan runs a number of programs to support its cause.