Shared responsibility to all humanity

As a Catholic faith community, we see this experience as part of our shared responsibility to all humanity to help foster opportunities for our students to become open-minded and hearted global citizens.

Our hope is that this ‘pilgrimage experience’ will provide our students with the knowledge and skills needed to be people of action; the future leaders who will promote and encourage change and fairness for all in our world.

Each year, students in Year 11 are invited to apply to participate in one of the following five (5) Immersion Experiences:



Yuendumu is a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory. Students and staff will be based in the Yuendumu School and will connect with the local community in a variety of cultural experiences.

Staff who have participated in the Yuendumu Immersion experience in recent years include Mr Dykes, Ms Hawkesworth, Ms Gleeson and Mr Brown. They would welcome your inquiries.



Students will embark on a pilgrimage to the Northern NSW town of Moree and will be given an opportunity to experience and explore the former Cootamundra Girls Home, the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial Site and also have a strong focus on the Freedom Rides and Stolen Generations. This Immersion experience will deepen students’ appreciation of the historical impacts of government policy on Aboriginal people past and present.

Staff who have participated in the Moree Immersion experience in recent years include Mrs Warner, Mrs Muir, Ms Boyd, Mrs Milthorpe and Mrs Morton. They would welcome your inquiries.



Students will travel to Eden, via Cootamundra and Thredbo. They will connect with the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council and explore the past, present, future and challenges facing Aboriginal Australians. This will be an opportunity for students to be immersed in Aboriginal Culture and activities.

Staff who have participated in the Eden Immersion experience in recent years include Mrs Milthorpe and Mr Giannone. They would welcome your inquiries.



Students will travel into the heart of the cultural lands of the Yorta Yorta people, and immerse themselves in the traditional practices and cultural customs of the traditional owners of this country.

Staff who have participated in the Barmah Immersion experience in recent years include Mr Thomas and Mr Cheadle. They would welcome your inquiries.

They are called on to bepeople of hope, a hope demonstrated by and through the example of staff.


Santa Teresa

Students will travel to Santa Teresa, an Arrernte indigenous community in the Northern Territory, located about 80 kilometres south-east of Alice Springs. This experience has traditionally involved girls only, as Santa Teresa has a rich feminine spiritual and cultural focus. Since 2007 women in the community have painted religious crosses which are exported to Catholic churches around the world. Students will immerse themselves in that local indigenous community and be of active service in support of the local community centre.

Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre

Staff who have participated in the Santa Teresa Immersion experience in recent years include Ms Boyd, Mrs Scott, Mrs Ryan and Ms Guzowska. They would welcome your inquiries.

These Immersion experiences aim to provide an authentic opportunity to live the Catholic Social Justice values and to return to our community informed and enlightened. Students will be better equipped to consider the prospect of engaging with minority groups in our local community. We continue to look for opportunities to strengthen and promote healthy relationships and connections between our school and the local Aboriginal community.

In recognition of the National Reconciliation process, we commit ourselves:

  • towards authentic reconciliation;
  • to build connections with our local Aboriginal community;
  • to educate ourselves about the way the Aboriginal people of our nation are working to preserve their culture and spirituality; and
  • towards healing, and away from the brokenness of the intergenerational trauma that the Stolen Generations have created.