A brief background to Community Service

  • Community Service was born out of the concept of servant leadership; it is ‘active mission’.
  • It provides a chance to experience new challenges in the community.
  • Community Service is an opportunity to share your talents and skills with people and organisations in the community that need volunteers.
  • It is different from ‘Work Experience’ in the sense that you are not there for purpose of self. You are there for the purpose of others. It may be quite a different experience from a casual job or potential work opportunity.

Other Benefits...

  • Universities and employment prospects:
  • Universities no longer just use ATAR’s to get you into a course- they are interested in the whole student and what you give back to your community…
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to show prospective employers and universities a different range of skills that you have which makes you more competitive...besides feeling better about yourself as you are making a difference in the lives of others...

Student Representative Council (SRC)

An SRC is a group of students in a school elected by their fellow students to represent all students in the school and who organise ways for students to participate in school life. SRCs work democratically to represent the student body in school decision-making. Students work together, with help from a staff member, to improve school life and to contribute students’ ideas