A Catholic Education

We are guided as a school community to live out these core values and to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, and in the spirit of our founders, The Mercy Sisters and Christian Brothers. These values have been summarised into our “5 C’s”, as we endeavour to be courageous, compassionate, collaborative, challenged and Christ-like. It is through the formal Religious Education program at Xavier, as well as our Faith Formation Program that we strengthen the Catholic Identity of our school, and provide opportunities for all members of our community to grow in their journey of faith, learning and life.

Our Catholic Identity is an expression of who we are as a school community. It is emphasised in opportunities for Liturgy, service and social justice. It is visible through our commitment to Christ in the way we call all members of our community to put faith into action, through a variety of experiences which allow students and staff to develop a deeper understanding of their faith and a stronger awareness of God’s presence in their lives.


Student Faith Formation

Students Faith Formation Program Years 7-12

At Xavier we have an ongoing commitment to our faith. Each year level from 7 - 12 have a program targeted to foster our students relationship with God. It is highly important to us as a Faith community to be able to strengthen our student’s connection with God and form a sense of self-awareness around social justice in our community.

"The Truth will set you free." Xavier's Motto, from the words of Christ

Faith Formation Program
Year 7 – “Welcome to our Community”
  • Term 1 – Year 7 Camp
    • Initiation into Xavier High School
    • Peer mentors
    • Faith formation and community building
  • Term 1 Class Reconciliation and Masses
  • Term 2 – Gideon Bibles
  • Term 4 – Spirituality Day
    • Guest speaker: Eg. Past student
    • Workshops/Small groups
    • Celebration (Whole year level mass)
Year 8 – “Mighty Men, Fearless Females”
  • Term 1 – “Mighty Men, Fearless Females" program
  • Term 4 – Real Talk presentation – gender specific
  • Term 3 - whole year Mass
Year 9 - “The Rite journey”
  • Whole year program linked to RE classes
  • Ongoing reflection and spirituality experiences
  • Term 2 – Real Talk
  • Term 4 – Formation of peer mentors
Year 10 – “Standing together”
  • Term 4 – Spirituality Day - NET team visit
  • Term 4 – Indigenous focus leading to Immersion
Year 11 – “Be the good news”
  • Term 1 – Spirituality Day - Chris Doyle
  • Term 3 – Formation day for: Immersion program/Community service
Year 12 – “The truth will set you free”
  • Term 4 – Liturgy to mark the beginning of Year 12: Presentation of leaders
  • Term 1 – Year 12 retreat (3 days, 2 nights)
  • Term 2 – Post retreat gatherings
  • Graduation Mass

Staff Faith Formation

For all Staff

  • Term 4: Whole day Staff Spirituality Day/Retreat with Fr Martin.
  • Connections
  • Immersion
  • Wagga Youth Festival
  • Year of Youth
  • Ongoing staff prayer

Opportunities for full school faith development

For all students

  • Become a member of our “Vinnies” group
  • Cook for Broughton House on a fortnightly basis
  • Attend “Justice Matters” social justice camp
  • Attend a “Stronger Rally”
  • Whole school liturgies:
    • Easter liturgy
    • Naidoc week liturgy
    • Holy week liturgy
    • Ash Wednesday liturgy