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We aim to be inclusive of all students by providing the support required for each student to become a confident, independent learner who access learning on the same basis as other students. The Learning Support Team aims to ensure that students participate in all aspects of school life. Inclusivity recognises diversity and encompasses broader social justice such as equity, access and participation. it arises from the aim of improving educational outcomes for all students.

Xavier High School and its teachers have a professional responsibility to address inclusivity in their practice. Inclusivity in education can be achieved when barriers that may limit students’ opportunities, participation and benefits from schooling, are identified and addressed.

Diversity may come under one or more of the following categories:

  • A student with special needs as a result of a disability that may be intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural
  • A student with a learning difficulty that may affect the acquisition, organisation, retention, understanding or the use of verbal, written or visual information
  • A student with English as a second language
  • A student who has reached proficiency and may require adjustments to the pace, level and content of the curriculum to push learning forward
  • Indigenous students who require support to improve educational opportunities and learning outcomes