Accelerated Learning

Students are able to accelerate their learning here at Xavier. This includes students in Stage 5 who are able to undertake Stage 6 subjects in Year 10. Students and parents interested in accelerated modes of learning need to make contact with the Curriculum Coordinator for information that will involve academic counselling.

SOR I Compressed Course

This is an accelerated method of learning suitable to independent learners who are able to engage with the responsibility of a dual model of delivery- it includes face to face teaching time and offline learning. This is a compressed course so two years of learning are compressed into three terms in one year.

GATE-way Music

GATE-way Music sets out to challenge and extend students, providing enriched engagement within the Performing Arts. Students participate in an advanced ensemble performing music from a variety of styles. Songwriting and arranging skills are expanded by collaborating with external artists, alongside current music technologies and audio engineering utilising our school recording studio.


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