Exposure to digital technologies

Complimenting these devices, we expose our students to a wide range of digital technologies, assisting with the teaching and learning and preparing our students for their future workplace. Robotics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Video Conferencing are increasingly being incorporated into the curriculum.


Investing in digital services

To maximise the opportunity the devices provide our students, we invest significantly in a wide range of digital services: G-Suite, Schoology, HSC Hub, Literacy Planet, Word Flyers, Clickview, Maths Online, Edrolo.

G-Suite tools help students with basic word processing, spreadsheeting and researching. In addition to this, it has a comprehensive set of tools that allow for the more creative; website creation, interactive presentations and video documentaries are just some of the many creative assignment submissions. Learn more about G Suite here



Schoology is our learning management system. At its core, this serves to manage all the digital lesson content for each class. In doing so it allows 24/7 access to course content, and provide parents a direct window to follow and interact with their child’s learning journey. It provides real time feedback to both student and parents allowing them to engage in the feedback and ultimately improve their child's learning success.

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XHS Online Learning Guide


Atomi (HSC Hub) provides senior students access to additional revision tools, helping them revise content in short videos. Content is clear and precise with a focus on past examinations and examination answer techniques.

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eSafety and School TV


The many digital subscriptions are continually being reviewed and added to, ensuring we offer access to a comprehensive set of tools to support not just Academia but also Faith and Wellbeing.

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