Yr 9 VET Retail Excursion to Woolworths

On the 1st August, Xavier High School, Year 9 VET Retail students had an opportunity tour Woolworths Albury to see what happens behind the scenes. Our host for the experience was Mrs. Helen Hendren.

Our Experiences

During this experience at Woolworths, we had the opportunity to see how the business operates on a daily basis. We experienced bakery compliance, how staff print tickets, the use of the temperature gun, how staff use the RF gun and autostockR. We were intrigued with how the deli department must comply with origin of country. We witnessed how staff contribute to the operations by finding stock, filing shelves, and we were challenged to look within the produce department at the stock and do what staff do by testing ‘would I buy it’.

We also had the opportunity to talk to staff about their uniform and the pride that they have when they wear it. One student even made the connection to school and how they must comply with school uniform too. Helen also explained how Woolworths use social media to respond to customer concerns as well.


The Xavier High School Year 9 Retail class would like to thank Mrs. Helen Hendren and the Woolworths staff for their time in providing us with an invaluable experience in the world of retail.

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