Yr 11 Metal Work Placement

Year 11 students Mathew Keen, Joely Klippel, Taylor Baker and Jayden Vanwerkhoven spent the past week on work placement around Albury.
Upon visiting each student, we were greeted with large smiles and an abundance of knowledge of what they have been learning.
Unfortunately the work placement that Taylor Baker was involved in did not allow photography within the premises.

Joely Klippel

Joely has been hard at work at Milspec, Albury where she had been learning how to press sheet metal and making cogs and fittings in the machine shop. Joely was able to experience the day to day duties within the company and assist in the assembly line and production of crafted metal works.

Mathew Keen

Mathew has also been hard at work at Milspec, Albury. Mathew has been involved in welding and electrical works were he has been constructing gunner boxes and learned to program a robotic machine to fold the corners of metal together.  These boxes will be used in various military environments. This experience has allowed for him to use his problem solving skills to ensure he meets set deadlines with all his tasks.

Taylor Baker

Taylor Baker  has been learning lots of new skills at Fabricating Steel Solutions in Albury where he assisted in the engineering and marking of steel materials and learnt how to work various machines around the site.

Jayden Vanwerkhoven

Jayden Vanwerkhoven has been at Albury precision engineering where he has been busy welding and making axles for spreading machines. Grinding back rough edges to smooth slick cuts, Jayden has been able to be a part of the production line and view the end result of the hard work.

All four students had an absolute ball at their work placements and almost didn’t want to leave!