Year 9 PASS Excursion – Mount Buffalo

Last Wednesday the 7th of December Our Year 9 PASS class headed off to Mount Buffalo with many exciting adventures awaiting them! Although the weather turned slightly sour on the second day , our students soldiered on with big smiles on their faces as they abseiled, hiked, swam, cooked and participated in various outdoor educational activities. The students were able to learn and grown over the three days at Mount Buffalo and for our Teachers present, it was wonderful to witness students experiencing and overcoming fears.  Great memories were made and fun had by all!

Big thanks go out to our teachers who accompanied our students on this excursion – Mark Sanson, Emily Scammell  Meg Campbell & Dean Nicholson

Have a look below at a few of our snaps! You can view our entire excursion album in the gallery section here
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