Year 8 Art News – Award Winner – Kye Groves

This year in Year 8 Art, our students have been creating portraits of significant Australians. The criteria for creating these portraits was similar to the entry requirements for the Archibald Prize Competition held in Sydney every year. Our students have been learning about the historic competition and why it so well known publicly. As part of our process we have displayed all the portraits and awarded two prizes. One was the overall judge’s choice award critiqued by a panel of staff and the other was the people’s choice award which was open to public voting via online access. This year staff have been impressed with the students’ interest and commitment to this unit. Below is a link for you to view the semester 2 entries. However, we would also like to congratulate our winner who was awarded both the judges choice award and the people’s choice award. CONGRATULATIONS to KYE GROVES. Kye’s significant Australian was his Mum. He worked tirelessly with felt tip pens to create the heavily detailed and decorative work featured below. Kye and his siblings are all symbolically referenced within the work. His tribute to his Mum, was the endless amount of flowers featured on the left hand side of the drawing, paying tribute to everything she has ever done for him. Well done Kye!

Check out his amazing work below!