Year 7 Best Start Trial

Dear Parents and Guardians Year 7 Best Start Trial Test Best Start Year 7 is a literacy and numeracy assessment package for schools to use in the first five weeks of Year 7 from 2019. It is designed to assist teachers to identify students at risk of falling behind in literacy and numeracy and to more effectively target teaching for students. The assessment package will include online tests and links to syllabus, the literacy and numeracy learning progressions and support material.

Year 7 students will participate in a trial of the Best Start Year 7 online assessment questions in week 10. Details of specific times can be found below. The primary purpose of this trial is to test the reliability of the questions not to assess students. Accordingly, no individual student reports will be provided, however, the school will be provided with some preliminary information and links to syllabus outcomes and learning progressions.

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Yr 7 Best Start Trial Test