Year 12 Mid Course Exams 2018

Year 12 Mid Course Exams will take place from Wednesday the 28th of March until Friday the 6th of March. These exams help to form the internal assessment mark of each Year 12 student contributing to their final HSC mark. For this reason, it is important that students take every opportunity they can to be successful in these exams. Students must advise the school if they are unwell on the day of the exam, particularly if students are unable to attend school on the day.

During the exam period, students are required to sign into the office when they arrive for an exam or to study and must sign out when they leave the school grounds. All students are encouraged to ensure that they bring the appropriate equipment to each exam. Borrowing of equipment will not be allowed during an exam. Students should look to bring multiple black pens, a ruler, calculator (for exams that allow), pencils and any other specific material as outlined by their subject teacher. All equipment needs to be in a clear pencil case or plastic sleeve. Water bottles are allowed, however, they must be clear, see-through bottles. Mobile phones will not be permitted in the exam room. Students are asked to leave these in their lockers during exams.

To help support our students in their preparation, study sessions will run from 3:40pm until 7:00pm on the following Wednesday nights; 21st March, 28th March, and 4th of April. A number of teachers have volunteered their time to be available to assist students in these study sessions across the three weeks. Dinner will also be available for those students who wish to utilise these optional study sessions.

A copy of the exam timetable students received on Monday can be found below.




28 March

9.00am –  11.10am English Advanced (20)

English Standard (84)



28 March

1.00pm – 3.05pm
1.00pm – 2.35pm
Business Studies (16)

Geography (11)

Drama (8)

Mathematics Extension (2)



29 March

9.00am – 11:05am PDHPE (56)
Thursday Afternoon 1:00pm – 3.05pm SOR2 (16)


3 April

9.00am – 11.05am Mathematics (12)

Mathematics General 2 (84)

Wednesday Morning

4 April

9.00am – 11.05am Biology (53)
Wednesday Afternoon

4 April

1:00pm – 2:35pm Industrial Technology Timber (20)
Thursday Morning

5 April

9.00am – 11.05am
9.00am – 10.35
Modern History (9)

Senior Science (20)

Visual Arts (23)

Thursday Afternoon

5 April

1.00pm – 3.05pm Chemistry (20)
Friday Morning

6 April

9.00am – 11:05am VET Construction (9)

Ancient History (6)

Physics (16)

CAFS (26)

Friday Afternoon

6 April

1.00pm – 3:05pm
1.00pm – 2.35pm

1.00pm – 2.05pm

Legal Studies (12)
Society and Culture (14)

Design and Technology (12)
Music (7)


Andrew Gibson


Leader of Curriculum