Year 11 School Captain speeches

On Tuesday August 9 we had the pleasure in listening to nine senior school students who are all running for Xavier High School Captain positions. The Edmund Rice building was filled with both senior and junior students who attentively engaged in what their future leaders presented.

Our students running for captaincy not only informed their fellow students and staff of what they promise to deliver to Xavier High School but specific values and foundations they aim to grow in, promote and the standard they will represent our school in.

On behalf of our staff and students here at Xavier High School we commend each and every one of these candidates and look forward to presenting our future school leaders of 2017 in the coming weeks.

School Captain candidates
Lincoln Morrison
Tiana Smerdon
Grace Senior
Eloise Suidgeest
Ella Martin
Corey McAlpin
Georgie Atrree
Leneen Marshall
Nick Keogh
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