Year 11 PE & SLR Ski Trip

Wednesday August 28, 51 students from Year 11 PDHPE and SLR travelled to Falls Creek to utilise the magnificent recreational resource of the local snow fields. We were blessed with the most glorious weather and after some lessons on Skiing and Snowboarding for an hour and a half students were let loose on the slopes.

With many first-timers amongst the group the levels of frustration about mastering a new and difficult skill were apparent early, but the talents of many of the students soon shone through. It wasn’t long before most were schussing down the slopes, looking very much at home and enjoying the experience.

The day was a huge success in terms of introducing most students to both a new skill and a new recreational option. All students can be congratulated on their cooperative attitude and behaviour over the course of the day. Ski Instructors and the bus driver were quick to recognise their behaviour and it made for a most enjoyable day.

Thanks must go to Mr Sanson, Mr West and Mrs Scammell for their supervision and involvement on the day.

Dale Gleeson
Supervising Teacher

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