Xavierfest 2016 – SUPERHEROS

Wednesday December 7th saw our sensational Year 7 students put on a super show with their superhero film premiere! Our Year 7’s worked extremely hard this past term in English to put together fantastic pieces including  promotional posters,  portfolios and 28 films and trailers.  Our Year 9 commerce students ran a candy bar with delicious treats that you could purchase and enjoy whilst watching the films!

This unit required our Year 7 students to work in integrated groups to create the final product of a superhero film or film trailer. The students needed to organise their group to complete a script with film techniques embedded, storyboard, character profiles, a cast list, a promotional poster which year 9 commerce helped to edit and a self reflection of the entire process. This was an important project for the Xavier English team as we wanted to instill real world skills that everyone will need to succeed in the future. The students were required to work collaboratively, use communication, forward think and plan to achieve their final goal. We are very proud of all of the students for their work on their project.

All proceeds from the evening  went straight to the little heroes in the Paediatric Services and Children’s Ward at the Albury hospital. Thanks to you all we were able to raise a whopping $1624.

Evenings like this don’t just happen. We would like to thank our wonderful teachers, Adam Russell, Jennifer Stuart, Melissa Blomeley and Tegan Baines for all their hard work

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