Xavier Hosts Trinity Anglican College Chess Team

On Friday 18th May, Xavier hosted the chess team from Trinity Anglican College for the second chance draw in the Riverina branch of the NSW Junior Chess League.
Our first results were Ivy O’Halloran winning on board 3, and Lochlan McBain winning on board 2 by taking lots of pieces up front and maintaining a lead. This meant we had the whole round wrapped up, as even if Trinity won on board 1 and 4, they would only count the top 3 boards and we would be in front.
Zara Brown played a long and difficult game on board 4, unfortunately losing too many pieces. Her opponent managed to checkmate her eventually, but Zara never gave up and continued playing in case she could force a draw.
Bryce continued to play on board 1, but he knew the pressure was off. He was up against a strong competitor who took several of his pieces and was placing very strong pressure on Bryce’s king. However, Bryce cleverly chose that moment to attack, and this decided the direction of the game. From this moment, Bryce was ahead, but his opponent continued to play accurate chess, taking several of Bryce’s pieces until the final showdown was just a king versus a king and rook. Luckily, this exact combination had been practiced by Bryce earlier in the week and he carefully and precisely drove his opponent into the corner and checkmated him with thirty moves to spare.
We look forward to our next round match in this second place draw and I commend all players for their sportsmanlike behaviour and excellent representation of Xavier High. Interested chess players are encouraged to attend chess club at lunchtime on Mondays in room 202.
Mr Pinson