Wonga Wetlands Excursion

On Thursday March 14, 48 Year 11 Biology students took part in a field trip to Wonga Wetlands to satisfy course requirements for the topic `A Local Ecosystem`.

The main focus of the field trip was to study a River Red Gum community by collecting a range of data such as soil moisture levels, soil pH, nitrate levels, light and wind exposure, soil and air temperature. Students then made transects of vegetation in their study areas and determined plant densities.

The collected data was then interpreted to reach conclusions about factors that may affect plant distribution. Possible food webs were identified and recorded and other relationships between living things were determined.

On the day students demonstrated excellent work ethic and were complemented by the site manager John Hawkins.

On behalf of the students attending I would like to thank John for his coordination of the day and for the provision of materials & resources that he made available.

Students thought it was a great day (helped by the mild temperatures), although some thought there was too much to be done!

Written by Michaela Williams & Steve Lancaster
(Biology teachers)