WEP Student Exchange

Get a taste of student exchange by inviting an overseas teenager into your home!

Hosting an exchange student is an amazing and rewarding opportunity for foreign students and host families alike, as it enables students to have access to native speakers beyond the classroom and experience intercultural aspects. It is particularly beneficial to students currently studying French at Xavier, but also to those interested in different cultures and new adventures.

The Hosting program allows a family to:

  • See Australia through the eyes of a non-Australian
  • Visit new places and re-visit old favourites
  • Teach our local customs and language
  • Gain a new family member and friend for life
  • Have your own language tutor
  • Have lots of fun!

Some Xavier students have greatly benefited from this experience.
For some insight into this fantastic experience, please talk to Mrs Maria Aranda.

For more information about hosting:
Phone: 1300 884 733 or
Email: sylviakelly@wep.org.au

You can also request a free information pack online at:
Online: www.web.org.au

Alternatively you can find them on
Instagram: @wepaustralia,
Facebook: WEP Australia
YouTube: wepaustralia