Vinnies Winter Appeal

As we commence the start of the cold winter season, we are reminded of the luxuries of living in today’s society; blankets, heaters and roof above our head, just to name a few. Many people however do not get to experience these luxuries. As a Catholic Faith community here at Xavier High School band together each year to support the Vinnies Winter appeal to enable those who have less, experience a warmer winter. The Vinnies Winter appeal raises money to assist individuals in rebuilding their lives. At Xavier in 2015 we are raising awareness for the Vinnies Winter appeal by holding two key events next week!


No Heater Day 2015

On Thursday the 18th of June, Xavier is supporting the Vinnies Winter appeal by raising awareness around the rough conditions some individuals face each winter. As students come into class all heaters will be turned off, to encourage empathy in our staff and students as they experience what life is like everyday for some Australians. It will be a casual clothes day but rather than a gold coin donation we are asking students to donate an ‘essential item,’ to go towards our ‘homeless care packs.’ These items will be collected at the start of the day during homeroom. We thank you for your support.

More information on the idea behind the homeless care packs can be found at

  • Items that can be donated include:

Project V Sleepout 2015


On Friday the 19th of June, our Vinnies Group are holding the annual ‘PROJECT V SLEEPOUT’ at the school. The aim behind the initiative is to further strengthen student’s awareness of the issues within our community around homelessness, in particular, youth homelessness.

Those students who would like to participate will need to pay a $40 accommodation fee, provided by sponsorship. All funds raised will be directly donated to the St Vincent De Paul Society. The SLEEPOUT commences at 5:30pm on Friday June 19 and pick up time on Saturday morning is 9:30am. Dinner will be provided on the night for a small cost, and breakfast is also supplied in the morning.

COST $40 accommodation fee (Donation to the St Vincent De Paul Society)
RSVP by the Wednesday June 17 to join in on this wonderful Vinnie’s group initiative.

We would love to see you there!