Victoria School of Languages Wodonga – Classes start Feb 9

The Victorian School of Languages, seeks to promote and encourage students to study a language other than English, by providing access to after school tuition.

Students from NSW and Victoria are able to access these classes which cost $75 (F-10) or $85 (VCE/HSC), and run on a Tuesday afternoon from 4pm until 6pm.

“My school doesn’t offer Spanish, but I can do it at the VSL.” – Year 8 student (Spanish)
“I learn Japanese at school, and French after school”- Year 2 Student (French)
“I get extra help with my Japanese at VSL. Fingers crossed for good marks in VCE”- Year 10 Student (Japanese)
“ I really like learning a language.” – Year 6 Student (Punjabi)

Flyer- 2016