Chromebook Policy

Student Responsibilities

Usage – when it can be used; by whom and for what purpose

Students may only use the Chromebook at school or at home. The Chromebook should not be used by any other student or family member.

Additions and deletions to software

Students are not permitted to delete any software, install additional software or attempt to circumvent the standard operating environment without the permission of the Learning Technologies Coordinator. We encourage you carefully to explore suitable Chrome Apps and Extensions which may assist your learning experience.

Offensive images, video or audio

Students are prohibited from accessing or storing offensive images, video or audio on Chromebooks or other digital storage devices.

Stickers and permanent markers

Stickers and markers should not be used on the Chromebook. It is recommended that each student identify their carry bag with a name tag or ribbon to help them identify their Chromebook.

Food and beverages

Students are not permitted to eat or drink whilst using Chromebooks.

Charging of battery

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their Chromebook battery is fully charged each night. Battery chargers should not be brought to school unless specifically directed by a teacher to do so.


Chromebooks are to be carried at all times within the supplied protective bag. This includes transporting the Chromebook between classes, and to and from school. Chromebooks are not to be taken out of the protective bag whilst in transit.

Storage at home and school

When not in use at home, Chromebooks should be stored within the protective bag. The Chromebook should be stored in a safe place, out of reach of younger children and away from areas of excessive heat or large magnetic fields. During lunch and recess breaks or when Chromebooks are not required for lessons, Chromebooks should be stored within the student’s locker.

Organisation of files

Students are permitted to create and customise folders to assist them in the organisation of their work. Storing files on Google Drive will ensure they can be accessed from other devices.

Chromebook use

The Chromebook should not be carried around whilst the screen is open. A common source of screen damage is students carrying the open device by the screen edge, this should be avoided at all times.

Back up

Keeping your documents on your Google drive will ensure they are backed up. Additional backup can be done on a USB storage device, allowing offline access to files and documents.

Cleaning and care responsibility

Students are responsible for ensuring their Chromebook is kept in a clean state. It is imperative that the student maintains a clean Chromebook by regularly wiping down the outside case with a damp (not wet) cloth. The Chromebook screen can be gently wiped with a clean damp cloth and mild dishwashing detergent. Other cleaning agents should not be used. Chromebooks will be checked regularly by staff.