Uncle Pete’s Workshop Program

Uncle Pete’s Workshop is a Lunch Box Session activity that will be held on Thursdays weekly, where students are able to make use of the TAS workshop facilities, through facilitation by workshop teacher Pete Williams and in consultation from Indigenous Liaison Officer Darren Wighton. Students would be encouraged to design and produce objects or projects of their own conception, in the completion of a range of cultural and cross-cultural works, such as Aboriginal art and craft making use of timber and or other materials such as metal using related workshop equipment.

Uncle Pete’s Workshop will also provide opportunities for indigenous students who might be struggling with issues of identity and cultural disconnection.

A welcoming atmosphere will provide a space where students can engage and collaborate with like minded peers in sharing ideas and skills as they create their hobby projects. Other stress reducing variables such as music can be played in the background with lunch shared, adding to Uncle Pete’s Workshop a sense of community.

Specialist craftspeople as well as visits from local elders will be invited to attend in the running of tutor groups, which can be open to staff in addition to those participating students. Inclusion will be the order of the day and all will be welcome!