Sydney Trip Reflection

The Sydney trip provided year 10, 11 & 12 music students with the amazing experience of going to the Sydney Opera house and seeing the top performances of the NSW 2017 HSC students. This exposed us to new sounds of instruments, clever and creative compositions, talent, and the result of the hard work these students had put into their HSC. It was a truly inspiring experience to see the potential we have (for our own HSC) and all the different possibilities music can bring. The concert showcased a large range of styles, genres, and instruments. Such as: a rock composition composed by Sachleen Khanna, When she loved me sung by Toby Wells, a powerful performance of Bang Bang sung by Chantelle Santos, multiple piano pieces such as Scaramouche played by Coltrane Williamson, a harpsicle performance, saxophone compositions and, many other fantastic performances.

It was a wonderful time of bonding with and getting to know, the music students of Xavier. We would also like to thank Mrs Files, Mrs Lockwood, and Mr Ryan for making this trip possible. The Sydney Opera house has extraordinary acoustics and was a delight to be in. We were very lucky to be able to experience a new city, new music and new friendships on the Sydney trip. There is a massive world of music and seeing this showcase helped us to discover some of this world and, the features of different music styles in it.

By Talisa Haberman