Studies Of Religion Highlights 2014

The Islamic Museum of Australia was excellent and the surfboards were really interesting, showing how Islamic culture can make people have a better understanding of one another’s heritage.Jesse Hunt

Visiting the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation was very significant and gave all of us an insight into people who were not as well off as us. This allowed us to gather information regarding the need for social justice within today’s society.
T. Purtill

The Islamic Museum of Australia was very insightful and offered lots of good information about the Islamic tradition. The speakers were very insightful and were able to answer any and all questions with very authentic information.
Pat B.

The First Islamic Museum in Australia was amazing to see! Not only beautiful visuals of the tradition but also insightful information. I was inspired about feminine spirituality through listening to an Islamic lady, Saara. Her passion for women and her faith, and how happy both of these made her, was unforgettable.
Olivia Hart

The whole experience of not just learning about a different religious tradition but also learning to understand their cultures was an incredible opportunity.

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