The Leadership Team

The School Executive is responsible for leading Xavier High School. They are charged with ensuring that Xavier students experience engaging learning and pedagogy in a specifically Catholic, evangelising and nurturing community.

This team endeavours to:

  • Articulate the overall direction and mission of the school
  • Provide opportunities for dialogue and the interchange of ideas for those with responsibilities of leading the various core areas of school life:
    • Religious Education and Faith Development
    • Curriculum
    • Professional Learning
    • Facilities and Resources
    • Pastoral Care and Administration
  • Manage and implement change and future planning
  • Ensure the effective day to day functioning of the school
  • Achieve school improvement through on-going review of structures and programs
  • Be a forum for information sharing, reflection and decision making in regard to current practices in the school.
  • Mr Gavin Dykes


  • Mrs Nicole Morton

    Assistant Principal

  • Mrs Lorraine Willis

    Assistant Principal

  • Mr Edmund Brown

    Director of Faith & Mission

  • Mr Bob Williams

    Director Of Communications

Subject Co-ordinators

Subject (KLA) Co-ordinators oversee learning and teaching in their subject area. They supervise teachers and monitor student academic performance. Contact the relevant KLA Co-ordinator if you have a classroom learning concern.

House Co-ordinators

Pastoral or House Co-ordinators oversee pastoral support in their House. Contact your son’s or daughter’s House Coordinator if you have a concern regarding his or her well being.

  • Mr Paul McAlister

    House: Rice

  • Mrs Bronwyn Lieschke

    House: Dynan

  • Ms Alicia Skinner

    House: Joseph

  • Miss Erin McNair

    House: MacKillop

  • Ms Megan Campbell

    House: McAuley

  • Karyn Crosswell

    House: Aquinas

  • Miss Amy Martin

    House: Loreto

  • Anna Muir

    House: Clark

Teaching Staff

Xavier High School staff continue to ensure a comprehensive curriculum is delivered in a vibrant and enthusiastic manner. We pride ourselves on the professional manner in which all aspects of school life are managed. Our results and student outcomes reflect this approach. Staff consistently go above and beyond what is expected to ensure our students are given a broad range of opportunities both within and outside the classroom. As we move to a National Accreditation Scheme for teachers, the new AITSL standards offer direction for future professional learning for teachers to maintain the high standards we aspire to.

Support Staff

  • Jodie Bickerton

    Learning & Teaching Support

  • Bill Christian


  • Anne Cretan

    Teachers’ Aide

  • Phil Densten

    Business Manager

  • Cynthia Hansford

    Curriculum Support

  • Jayne Stringer

    Student Reception

  • Nicholas Manning

    IT Manager

  • Sam Kramer

    IT Support Technician

  • Danielle Lawson

    Cafe Manager

  • Stephanie Watson

    Communications Coordinator

  • Debra Hayes

    Canteen Supervisor

  • Karen Hoelscher

    Food Technology Assistant

  • Noel Hogan


  • Tanya McLaren


  • Cerina Meredith

    Secretary to the Principal

  • Pauline Murray


  • Lisa Milburn

    Science Laboratory Assistant

  • Abbey Carey

    Assistant to AP's

  • Anne Ray

    Office – Reception

  • Sally Ryan

    Teachers’ Aide

  • Ingrid Hopwood

    Administration Support Manager

  • Kerry Elias

    Cafe Assistant

  • Tom Kuiters

    TAS Assistant

  • Heather Yensch

    Canteen Assistant

  • Darren Wighton

    Aboriginal Education Worker