Stronger Rally


We had a great experience on Friday night at the Stronger Rally held at St Mel’s, Shepparton. 

Beginning with delicious sausages and veggie burgers, the night went on surrounding the theme, ‘Wonder’ – ‘…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…’, Psalm 139:14.
The fun atmosphere was immediately set by a joke game. 

Fr Rob Galea and his band played a number of songs, to which everyone sang and danced. We listened to a testimony from a Year 10 student; how God is working in her daily life and the challenges of living this out as a student at school. 

Fr Rob spoke about science, the wonder of God and his creation of the universe and our place in the universe. Our jaws dropped as we watched and listened at how insignificant we are and yet, how significant we are to God who created, cares for and loves us all. 

Followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, prayer, prophecy and healing.

Finally more music to cap off a night of ‘wonder’ and goodbyes till the next Stronger Rally in Echuca, on Friday, November 10th.

Registrations for the next Stronger Retreat are open, September 15-17th, 2017. 

A special thank you to all who helped us to be there and enjoyed a ‘Wonder’ filled night.

Marie McKinley

Chiara, Stefany, James, Tyronne,  Emily, Marie and Maria