Staff Spirituality Day (Pupil Free Day)


All staff members at Xavier will participate in our annual Staff Spirituality Day on Monday, 30th November, led by Jim Quillinan. This day will, therefore, be a Pupil-Free Day at Xavier.

Jim is a renowned educational and faith leader and he writes a monthly reflection called “Along the Track” which is a thought-provoking and meaningful response to everyday issues and concerns.

The theme of the Staff Spirituality Day will be celebrating the role of all staff in building our faith community at Xavier, which is part of the Diocesan initiative called Faith Story and Witness, and provides staff with hours towards their Accreditation to Work, Teach and Lead in Catholic Education. Following the whole-day session on Monday, (a pupil-free day) Jim will be at Xavier until the Thursday afternoon to meet staff and provide guidance, support and simply to have a chat, which will lead into our celebrations on Xavier Day (3rd December). This will be a day to acknowledge the great work of all staff in ‘witnessing’ to the Good News.

Please make a note in your diary/calendar that Monday, 30th November is a Pupil-Free Day.

Thank you.