Somerset Hosts Graduate, Nick Keogh In Partnership With Dreamfields

Is your son or daughter passionate about music?

Dreamfields Creative Youth Exchange is a partnership between Dreamfields Creative Youth Program, Henty Machinery Field Days and Somerset Rural Youth Project.
Dreamfields provides an important creative platform for remote and rural youth in North East Victoria and Southern Riverina. Year 12 Graduate of 2017, Nick Keogh is heavily involved with the Dreamfields Creative Youth Exchange and is currently experiencing the music world in Somerset, United Kingdom. We are extremely proud of you Nick!

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Year 7-10 Creative Writing Workshop
Blogs by Nick Keogh  (Xavier High School Graduate Of 2017)

Tuesday 29 April

The day started off with the usual Vegemite and bread for breakfast before James would again come to take us away. We started this jam packed day with a visit to Worthy Farm, home place of the internationally renowned Glastonbury Festival. We had a guided tour with the man who not only created the festival, but runs it still today alongside his team of creatives. Michael Eavis is undoubtedly one of the most interesting people we have come across and probably will ever come across in our lives. He was protruding with passion as he took us round to each field, telling us different story’s about them and the importance of each one to himself, his team and the approximately 250, 000  people that go to the festival. He also spoke about his dairy and wanted to reiterate that his farm came first over the festival, and so it should as his dairy farm is quiet successful in its own right. At times the driving of Eavis was concerning, to say the least; but what he showed us on the festival site and the work he does for the community is truly astounding and we were blown away with all that this 82 year old has done and is still planning to do.

This was just the start of the day though, as James hurried us to bridge water where we played a set each in a busy cafe called the Purple Spoons. Soon we were taken to a local radio station around the corner from the cafe where we would record a short interview and play a quick song, all before lunch.

Later that night we played an open mic in Glastonbury at a pub that was a short walk from our accommodation. This was probably one of our favourite gigs so far as the audience was full of music lovers, creating a really warm atmosphere and making for a great evening.

Wednesday 23 May

After a day of exploring London and trying in vain to beat jet lag we were on our way to Somerset. The picturesque scenery was something to truly behold with green fields stretching over hilltops and reaching around lush bends, we knew we were in for a treat. James Brooks, our personal taxi and member of Somerset Rural Youth Project, picked us up from the train station and soon whisked us away to our home for the next three days, the Swan Hotel in Wells. We had a short chance to explore Wells before James would come back and take us to our first gig, our accomodation being opposite a Cathedral meant that we wouldn’t have to travel far. James returned with Lauren and Ollie, the UK duo who came to Australia last year, and we were on our way to play “The Cobblestones”, a popular music venue in Bridgewater. We unloaded the van and set up the space for the nights gig, the space is usually accustom to a heavy, sweaty, long hair brand of pub rock but would soon have to accomodate our very acoustic set. The gig was very intimate with a only small number of devoted music fans coming out on a Wednesday night to see our first international performance. This was a super interesting experience as it forced us to adapt our sound to fit into the space. We had the pleasure of being on the same bill as Patchwork Poet, an up and coming poet and rapper, Lauren and Ollie, a beautiful folk duo, and XI Degree, an up and coming classic groovy rock band.

In all our first official day on exchange has been one filled with great people and great music.

Thursday 24 May

Our second day over in the UK gave us both an opportunity to learn more about the Somerset Rural Youth Project, as we were given a tour of the main base where everything takes place. We were quick to find out the great building and team behind the project that assists in the many fields of work. For most of the day we spent our time in their very own studio, having fun and utilising the creative space. Playing around on interesting instruments like the synth keyboard and double bass, and spending time in the studio got us looking forward to tomorrow where we will record in the same studio for most of the day. As the night drew closer, James took us to Wellington, a town about an hour from Wells where we have been staying. The drive exposed us both to misty, open green fields that surrounded the roads throughout the trip. The Wellington youth group was waiting ahead of us, a place run by the rural youth club which allows young people to be in a social and friendly place with loads of activities for them to do. Performing for a small group of young people was a rewarding experience as they seemed captivated and intrigued by a young, Australian act. The eventful night allowed for some young singers to also take the acoustic stage, where the four of us sang a popular song requested by the crowd. It was rewarding gig seeing the younger girls share the stage with us. After an hour of performing we headed back to the Swan Hotel in Wells, this time arriving home a little more earlier then the 12:00am arrival like last night.