Sneak Peak At Beauty And The Beast JR From BYTE Sized Productions

Xavier High School student, Jack Mitsch was told by his sister he would make a good Gaston – though he’s not sure it was a compliment.

Nonetheless, the 15-year-old is thrilled to be playing the egotistic villain in Beauty and The Beast JR.

The BYTE Sized Productions musical features its biggest ever cast of 66, including Mitch Clarke from Xavier High School.

“I’m friends with Lumière (Joseph Mansell) in real life, so I wanted to play Cogsworth,” he said.

Christie Tiyce-Mathews also landed her role of choice as Belle.

“I like that she would do anything for her father,” she said.

“Everyone has worked really hard for this.”

The Beast, played by Jake Kardol, is missing from pictures for a reason – his “wow-factor” costume is being kept under wraps.

Beauty and The Beast JR is showing at the Albury Entertainment Centre at 7pm on Friday and on Saturday at 2pm and at 7pm.

Take a peep at some of the images below to see whats in store!