#ShakespeareSaid Competition

Choose your favourite phrase Shakespeare has made famous then take a photo of you acting it out or create a meme!

Did you know that we can thank Shakspeare for sayings like “Good riddance?” and “What’s done is done”? There are hundreds of common English that were made popular by Shakespeare’s plays and poetry.

We want YOU to choose your favourite phrase Shakespeare has made famous. Make a meme, act it out or take a photo to capture what it means to you. Get dramatic (pun intended) and make it funny or as serious as you like.

Examples of things #ShakespeareSaid

1. “Vanish into thin air”

2. “In a pickle”

3. “Heart of gold”

4. “Green-eyed monster”

5. “The world is your oyster”

6. “Love is blind”

7. “Tower of strength”

8. “Wild goose chase”

9. “Wear your heart on your sleeve”

10. “What’s done is done”

You could WIN one of 10 high definition cameras and the major prize, a Bell Shakespeare creative workshop streamed live into your classroom led by James Evans, Director of Shakespeare Unbound.

After you’ve created your meme just click the below link and upload your image.


Share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and remember to hashtag #ShakespeareSaid.

Entries close: 19 September, 5pm

Need inspiration? Check out the ABCSplash Shakespeare Unbound videos to help you get started!

Now, don’t just sit there! Think about it, make it and upload it!