Effects of rising groundwater and salinity

In Year 10 geography the focus is on environmental sustainability and the effects of natural and human-induced environmental change. The goal is to enable students to become thoughtful and active local, national and global citizens, and to understand how they can influence the futures of places.

In preparation for their excursion to Mungabareena Reserve the students are examining the effects and management of salinity in the Murray Darling Basin. Students have been asked to complete a report which explores the opportunities and constraints that the Murray Darling basin provides for human life, and examine the different ways people have perceived, managed, used and altered the basin’s resources resulting in the current issue of rising groundwater and salinity.

“As future land managers, it is vital that they understand the importance taking a holistic approach to managing land use and minimising further land degradation. If we are to be sustainable in the future we need to learn from poor practices in the past and think differently to how we are using our natural resources.” said Rachel Clancy, Environmental Planner at AlburyCity