Rugby is the winner at 7’s Gala Day

Over 170 boys from from across the Border participated at the recent Steamers Rugby 7’s Cup Gala Day, held at the home of Scots School Albury.

The event was an outstanding success, and gave a great demonstration of the leadership potential and positive role models that exist in our community.

There were games from 9:00am continuing all day with seven-minute halves, 6 Schools, 17 teams and 3 divisions.

As a result the more than 30 games of Rugby 7’s were played in tremendous spirit and with a great attitude. Many of the players acknowledged that this was the first time that they had experienced Rugby Union.

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The day was great. The boys worked as a great team and supported each other fantastically. Their manners and behaviour were a credit to them and our school. A big thank you to Mr Gerard Hymes and Paul McAlister for their support and preparation for the day.​