Red Horse – Native American Productions

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Red Horse and his wife Natalia for coming to see our students today at Xavier.
Red Horse is a Native American Indian who is a descendant of the Mescalero Apache Tribe, from the Southwest of North America.
Red Horse and Natalia’s  vision is to share the magnificent, rich and spiritual culture of the Native American Indians.
Their enthusiasm in educating and entertaining the people of Australia has captivated all that are privileged enough to experience their wonderful productions which are directed by them both. Their ambition is to inspire our future generations to cherish and respect each other in this fragile world we live in and for each individual to embrace their very own indigenous background. Through storytelling, dancing, war cries and music , Red Horse captivated our school audience. Red Horse educated our students on the  importance of respect for the environment, animals, fellow man and themselves.

Thanks go out to our School Well-Being Practioner, Mr Anthony Perrone for organising such an amazing event and our Indigenous liaison officer Mr Darren Wighton for welcoming Red Horse onto Wiradjuri land.
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