@ Xavier I put learning first

The message to our students-

2015 has begun with gusto. The focus at Xavier this year is quality teaching and learning in the classroom and we are challenging our students to do their best at all times. Expectations are high for our students at Xavier in 2015 – we expect our students to come to class ready to learn. We expect our students to complete their homework, to seek feedback from teachers, and to be proactive participants in their learning. There is a strong message being given to students at Xavier High school this year – @Xavier I put learning first.

All year groups have been exposed to our key message and have been challenged to give of their best. An example of this was the Year 12 HSC Student Symposium today. All Year 12 students were delivered key strategies to assist them in developing their goals for the HSC by Mr Gavin Dykes (Principal), Mrs Nicole Morton (Assistant Principal-Leader of learning) and Mrs Lorraine Willis (Assistant Principal-Student learning). Members of the 2014 HSC cohort returned to offer their key tips and strategies for the HSC having just experienced it last October. Their key advice-

  • Prepare study summaries and notes now
  • Find balance between school/work/play
  • Put school as your first priority as it’s only a short time
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Work with your teachers to attain success
  • Seek and act on feedback

Students were also advised on the importance of never giving up! For our Year 12’s they only have 120 school days until the HSC- it is vital that they give it their absolute best to ensure they have as many options as possible.
We are incredibly proud of our 2014 HSC Cohort. 94% of this cohort attained University placement which is a tremendous result. Two students from this cohort have been accepted into Medicine at UNSW- this is an absolutely outstanding achievement. Other courses being taken up by our students include Engineering with honours, Biomedical science, Zoology, Graphic Design, Nursing, Teaching, Accounting, Psychology, Journalism, Commerce, Sound Production, and more. At Xavier students can achieve their dreams!

We have a fabulous staff here who are putting learning first at Xavier. Should you have any concerns in regards to your son/daughter’s progress I encourage you to make contact with staff either through the front office or via email. It is vital that we work together to ensure that your son/daughter’s educational aspirations are supported. Please contact your child’s classroom teacher or homeroom teacher in the first instance.

I ask you to pencil into your calendars the first of our Parent Teacher Student Interviews which are scheduled for the 26th March. This is a vital opportunity for us to begin our learning conversations this year- I look forward to meeting you at this time.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut.

I ask you to ponder the quote from Dr Seuss, and ask where will your reading take you this week?

Have a momentous week,

Nicole Morton
Assistant Principal – Leader of Learning