Protecting Your Privacy Online


As some of you may be aware, a recent update to Snapchat, Snap Map, highlights our need to be vigilant and aware of the information we put online. Snap Map allows your real-time location to be shared with your friends. Additionally, Snaps you post to your story can allow your location to be seen by more than just your friends. Privacy settings and awareness will ensure Snapchat is a little safer to use.


For more information about Snapchat, and questions you might have, the eSafety website provides a great summary here. To jump straight to the specifics of changing your Snapchat location settings start here


Our digital footprints extend beyond our use of Social Media. The photos we take on our smart devices are often imprinted with metadata which captures the location, along with other data such as time and device. An experiment which highlights this is “I know Where Your Cat Lives”. Here the internet was scanned for images of cats publicly viewable which contained location metadata. Using this information the cats could be placed on a map. This experiment can be viewed here.


The key message here is not to be afraid of what the technology does, but to understand it. So when you do post photos of your cat (or Child) online you know exactly what you are sharing. As parents and guardians the best tools you have to support your child’s use of technology are vigilance and communication. Start a conversation about what privacy setting they use? Did they know the “I Know Where Your Cat Lives” story?


Treat technology like you would your child’s health; encourage them to practise good online hygiene and oversee a balanced online diet.


Again, the eSafety site offers a great summary of privacy settings and how to adjust them for the extensive range of online tools, including: Games, Apps and Social networking tools.


If you have any further concerns about your child’s technology use please don’t hesitate to make contact with their House Coordinator. If your questions are more of a technical nature feel free to contact me directly.


Nick Manning

IT & Resource Manager

Xavier High School