Project V Day 2016

After a few false starts, Project V was held on Friday August 12. A group of 40 students and staff came together for a night of friendship and fun with the focus on raising much needed funds for our local St Vincent de Paul Society.

Students enjoyed a Lip-Sync Battle, with a special performance by Ms McKinley, but the Staying Alive boys, dominated the competition. We also designed some wedding dresses that would have been the envy of any of the showings at Saturday’s High Tea (unfortunately the toilet paper didn’t hold together). Many games were played and fun was had by the participants and we are very grateful that they made the effort to help support this very worthy cause.

We will let the community know in the next few weeks how much money was raised for the Winter Appeal when we have the final tally.

Special thanks goes to Marie McKinley, Pete Williams, Heidi Nicholson, Ed Brown, Natalie Howard, Vincent Desmond, Louise Dow and Leigh Goldsworthy for their support of the students on the night.

Michelle Milthorpe

Social Justice Coordinator

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