Presentation to Year 10 Students by Rachel Clancy

Rachel Clancy, Environmental Planner at AlburyCity visited our school on Monday March 11. A large part of her role is associated with natural resource management (NRM) or land management.

In giving a presentation to the Year 10 geography students, she was emphasising the interconnectedness of ecological systems and resources. As future land managers, it is vital that they understand the importance taking a holistic approach to managing land use and minimising further land degradation. If we are to be sustainable in the future we need to learn from poor practices in the past and think differently to how we are using our natural resources.

Rachel used Mungabareena Reserve as an example to discuss how poor practices in the past have lead to land degradation and what we need to do now to restore systems in the Albury environment. This was in preparation for the students’ excursion to Mungabareena Reserve to undertake further research on land management in the area.