Physical Activity and Sports Studies Surfing Trip

From the March 17 to 19 our Year 9 and 10 PASS students went to Ocean Grove for a surfing trip that tied in with our unit of work “water safety”.

We participated in a surf lesson each day over our three day trip, as well as visiting other surf beaches such as Bells beach and shopping at large surfing outlets in the home of surfing Australia, Torquay.

In our first lesson we learnt the basics and almost everyone made it to their feet on the smaller waves. By day 2 we were becoming more confident and learnt to turn and catch larger waves. After our surf lesson we spent the afternoon shopping at the Torquay outlets. That evening we had a quick dinner in Geelong and went to a movie before driving back to Ocean Grove to rest up before an early morning surf.

On our final day we had learnt enough skills to go right out the back and catch some big waves with our experienced instructors in the best conditions of the trip. It was great fun and we all really enjoyed it. Luckily this time we had a safe trip home and the bus arrived in one piece. We’d like to thank all our teachers, Mrs Scammell, Mrs Warner, Miss Martin and Mr Sanson for allowing us to have this great experience.