Parenting Ideas Insight – Develop A Resilience Mindset

There are two ways to get fit. You can start a fitness regime which may include joining a gym, hitting the road chalking up heaps of kilometers or take up Pilates, aerobics or one of the many exercise classes available. In other words, you make some big changes designed to bring some immediate results.

The same approach applies to our mental health and well-being. You can make large lifestyle adjustments including taking a less stressful job, making a sea or tree change, giving up alcohol altogether and taking up meditating. These are the types of changes people make as a result of a health scare, or a breakdown of some sort. You can take the gentler approach, adapting a resilience mindset and looking after your mental health and well-being on a regular basis. This is preventative by nature and increases the likelihood that you stick to the changes you make.

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Parenting Ideas – Tips on a resilient mindset