NSW Country Secondary Schools Chess Second Place Competition

Having bowed out of the main competition in the NSW Country Secondary Schools Chess teams Competition, we are now competing in the seconds contest. On Wednesday 27 August we travelled to Wagga to play Hennessy Catholic College from Young, on neutral turf.

The Young players, evidently trying to win quickly, opened with unwise aggression and Laura Roberts on Board 3 and then Hamish Davis on Board 4 had little difficulty in recording victories. Jack Jankauskas on Board 1 was having an uncharacteristically bad day, and lost convincingly to a strong opponent. We now needed at least a draw from Declan Brady on Board 2. This game was a hit and miss affair, with both players having winning opportunities, although Declan generally had the worst of it. At the end, though, a sort of justice was done when Declan, having fought his way back into a winning position, stumbled into a stalemate.

The final result—Xavier 2½ to Hennessy 1½–was good enough to advance us to the next round. All players acquitted themselves very creditably, as usual.