Newsletter & Our School APP

Dear Xavier Community,

We have become aware that some of you have had difficulty accessing the Xavier High School Newsletter via our School APP (SchoolStream) over the past few weeks.

We have worked hard with our IT team to create a Newsletter button on the main page of SchoolStream for easy navigation. The new location of the Newsletter button can now be found on the homepage of the SchoolStream APP.  When you click on the Newsletter button you will find every Newsletter link for Term 4 so far.

This issue can be caused by your phone alerts (notifications) not being turned on in your settings or not updating the SchoolSteam App. To get instructions on how to fix this issue for  Android phones click here  and for Apple Phones click here.   For further assistance please contact the School’s IT department. Alternatively, you can follow this link for SchoolStream troubleshooting tips.

In light of issues with our current systems our Communications and IT teams are currently working on a new website and online presence for 2018. Further details and launch dates will be released in the near future.

Our latest Newsletter is uploaded to the Xavier High School website every Friday afternoon. If you do not wish to use our School APP (SchoolStream) to receive notifications and alerts, you can access the latest Newsletter via  this link .

Our communications team will post the latest Newsletter link every Friday afternoon to both our Xavier Twitter and Facebook page to further accommodate all social media channels. We hope these measures will assist in combating this issue that some of you have had in accessing the Newsletter and other communication.

Please see the image below which displays the layout of the SchoolStream APP homepage and the location of the Newsletter button.

The homepage of the SchoolStream APP will also only display the year levels which contain recent news.

If you have any further questions surrounding any of the information delivered today please do not hesitate to call Xavier High School on (02) 6040 6388 to speak to our staff in the communications department.

Once again we aplogise for this communicative disruption.